Sunday, December 17, 2006

Canal Plus at Vilma Gold: Films, performance, music

Sunday 17 December 2006, 5-8pm

Hilary Lloyd "Say directly what you want", 1993 (excerpts)

Brian Dawn Chalkley "Manifesto"

Felice Hapetzeder "Man’s World", 2006
Eileen Simpson and Ben White . ( Open Music Archive ) play
a selection of out-of-copyright early blues, jazz and folk
recordings from the archive alongside copyleft licensed
electronic remixes.

Solo performance by All Tomorrow’s Parties recording artist
Alexander Tucker

Cover art for Eileen Simpson's and Ben White's compilation
of 8 tracks from the open music archive, including three
remixes, given away during the evening. The tracks can be
downloaded here.

Brian Dawn Chalkley

Alexander Tucker

Hosted by

Vilma Gold
25b Vyner Street
E2 9DG

Canal would like to thank Rachel Williams for hosting the event and all the artists for their participation.

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